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Warning some adult imagery and language.

Is it camping if we're just animals?

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Submission for My First Game Jam Winter 2022


UPDATE: We've updated this game to rebalance everything and make it more playable. Have fun!!


In Animal Camping, you and up to 3 friends enjoy a camping experience in nature!  You have decided to get away from the busy city life to reconnect with nature and spend a night out camping.  You arrive at a park, and must set up your campsite before nightfall.  Enjoy the wild side as you forage supplies to fuel your trip, such as fish, water, and wood for a fire.  

When starting, select to host or to join a host.  Then select a character type and begin playing!  Scavenge for supplies you'll need to enjoy your camping trip.  Talk to characters for hints on what to do if you get stuck.

- Controls for Keyboard- 

Interact - E

Jump - Space

Movement - WASD

Lantern - Q

- Controls for Gamepad- 

Interact - West Face Button

Jump - South Face Button

Movement - Left stick

Lantern - North Face Button


Animal Camping.zip 618 MB


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Allow yourself to be immersed in a scenario that aims to unlock the power of your mind and release the energy of your inner spirit -- and that will also have you laughing too! That's what Animal Camping brings to the table. It's the kind of fun, engaging game that accomplishes both passive, casual vibes but with a focus on intentional, rewarding gameplay.  Playing this game is a blast!